In-House Laboratory

At the BVC, we know the importance of getting accurate, reliable, results quickly to provide the best treatment and outcome possible for your pet.

Our experienced in-house microbiologist and lab manager Nibu is on site to handle and analyze samples as efficiently as possible. With access to high-definition digital microscopy, his specialist opinion can be sought when needed for the more challenging cases.

Our in-house laboratory is well equipped with analysers and testing kits from international market leader Idexx.

In-house bacterial culture and sensitivity testing is also available, providing the fastest possible turnaround time to diagnose bacterial infections and select the most appropriate antibiotics to treat them.

As always, our goal is to diagnose and the treat your pet as quickly and as effectively as possible, and our well-equipped in-house laboratory is key to helping us achieving that goal.

The BVC in-house laboratory is equipped with

  • A dedicated experience in-house microbiologist and lab manager
  • Comprehensive biochemistry panels
  • SDMA measurement
  • Comprehensive haematology or complete blood count (CBC) profile
  • Electrolyte profile
  • Blood gas analysis
  • Bacterial culture and sensitivity testing
  • Patient side ‘snap’ testing for infectious diseases
  • Canine and feline ‘snap’ pancreatic lipase testing
  • Thyroid hormone measurement
  • Fructosamine measurement
  • Cortisol hormone measurement
  • Bile acid measurement
  • Ammonia measurement
  • High-definition digital microscopy for cytology
  • Blood typing and cross matching for blood transfusion
  • Measurement of antibody levels for diseases commonly vaccinated against