Before Diagnosis

A definitive diagnosis is performed at the BVC, to diagnose cancer and furthermore to estimate the “stage” of the cancer. This may involve biopsies, imaging & blood samples. Our specialists make use of our in-house radiography, ultrasound, CT scan and laboratory where needed to achieve a faster and definitive diagnosis.

After Diagnosis

Diagnosis of cancer in your pet can be a traumatic situation. Our specialist vets and visiting oncologists will present and take you through all treatment options available and the quality and quantity of life expected with each of them, thus making this decision-making step easier on you. Our cancer management and treatment includes either one or a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy at our clinic. We aim at providing the best quality of life to the pet, while keeping the pet owners and referring vet informed at all stages.

At the BVC, we know your pet is a part of the family, and this means our team is driven by compassion and trust to deliver the very best care. Our vets work together to make informed, collaborative decisions regarding treatment options.

We want owners to feel comfortable, and we offer different ways to help guide them through every decision-making process. We combine experience and compassion to build trusted relationships with pet parents. To provide your pet with the best treatment options and care, we rely on the following key features:

  • Working as a team to draw on expertise in different fields.
  • Access to our comprehensive in-house laboratory to obtain accurate and reliable and rapid results.
  • Access to advanced diagnostics such as digital radiography, ultrasonography (abdominal and cardiac), CT and high-resolution endoscopy
  • 24-hour on site patient care
  • Dedicated, experienced staff and a well-equipped hospital allows us to go the extra mile when needed - such as performing blood transfusions and access to supplemental oxygen therapy

Did you know that by the age of 3, your pet will likely have some form of early dental disease, and this increases to 85% in dogs and cats by the age of 6. Dental disease is easily and often overlooked and can be a significant cause of pain in pets. Therefore, we take dental health very seriously at the BVC.

  • We utilize local anaesthetic nerve blocks and devise a pain management protocol for each patient
  • Pets undergoing dental work require general anaesthesia, and we utilize the same high standard anaesthetic protocols and monitoring systems as we do with all our procedures.
  • A free post op check is offered to all patients undergoing dental extractions, to ensure recovery is going as expected.
  • Our vets are experienced in working with rabbits and other rodents suffering from dental issues and are happy to accept referrals in this field.
  • The BVC welcomes our visiting dental specialist Prof Gerhard who offers advanced dental as well as oral-facial surgery and treatments.

With our specialist veterinary orthopedic surgeons, the use of cutting-edge technology, and world-class surgical infrastructure, the British Veterinary Centre is proud of being recognized as the best place for orthopedic care in the UAE. All forms of lameness, fractures from accidents, and limb deformities are diagnosed and treated effectively under our pragmatic team of orthopedic surgeons. Accurate diagnosis is ensured through our in-house facilities for Xray, ultrasound, CT scan, and other invasive and non-invasive techniques.

Imaging techniques allow our vets to see inside of your pet in a non-invasive way. This information allows us to create the optimal treatment plan for your pet, whilst minimizing risks. Our team has access to some of the most advanced diagnostic services in the country, including ultrasonography (cardiac and abdominal), high-definition endoscopy, digital x-ray imaging (including dental x-rays) and computed tomography (CT).